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Yamimash wiki is a community site that discusses the youtube gamer "Yamimash". A British speaking youtuber who plays along with markiplier in certain videos and possibly other youtubers as well, his personality ranges from being terrified easily by the littlest jump scare to making disturbing yet awkward comments and will lash out in anger even though himself believes that he can not be angered easily when playing rage games like cat Mario and unfair Mario.


Scary Games

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    Not Being talkative does not bother me but forsaking a wiki bothers me deeply as I have to put up with a bunch of half-ass founders that ab... 

    Pat O'Brien

    Pat O'Brien

    Quiet. Even though my duty is to small, I can get by with the inclusion of the games in the list. It's not much, but I can do it. Is the rest... 

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    New page: Yamimash is a casual gamer who plays various horror, rage, Pokemon and sometimes strange games if given the chance. Yamimash is known for having a...
    Summary: Set up a page about yamimash's personality may need a lot of fixing
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    I watched a bunch of episodes of those two youtubers and may be of some help to you if you need me though. 

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